THE INSTITUTE OF ART FOR DECORATIVE MODELLING AND DESIGN named after Salvador Dali is an Institution of higher education of Level IV accreditation.

The graduates of the educational establishment receive a Ukrainian state diploma in two languages — Ukrainian and English.

International Candidates are matriculated to the Institute after interview on a non-competitive basis. We sign a Contract for your chosen faculty and degree.

Training in specialties can be conducted in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Our Specialties

Design of advertising and computer graphics

  • design of advertising
  • corporate style development
  • print design
  • book graphics
  • 3D modeling
  • computer animation
  • web design
  • raster / vector graphics
  • brand logo design
  • furniture design and decoration
  • interior, exterior, landscape design
  • floral design
  • exhibition activity
  • window dressing
  • lighting design
  • glass engineering

Environment design

Design of clothes and accessories

  • children’s clothing, women’s clothing, men’s clothing
  • fur, leather, bags, gloves, belts, hats design and decoration
  • shoe decoration
  • show planning
  • textile design
  • photo / video portfolio
  • make-up
  • decorative cosmetics
  • stylistics: historical, modern
  • textile design
  • costume decoration
  • body-art
  • cosmetology
  • hairstyle decor
  • show-slide planning

Fashion style and hairstyling

Art studies

The preparation of a future art historian involves student’s engagement in research work throughout the period of study at the Salvador Dali Art Institute of Decorative Modeling and Design. Of course, the content of students’ research gradually becomes more complex, from course to course.

During their study, students get acquainted with the scientific works of the department, write dissertations, present reports and presentations at seminars and practical classes, take part in scientific students’ conferences, hold practice in museums, galleries, archaeological expeditions, etc.

Completing various tasks allows the student to approach the conscious choice of the topic of the future graduate and master’s diploma work, which is the result of their research at the Institute. Often, scientific problems studied by students in the framework of diploma or master’s diploma work, become a priority area for their further scientific and professional growth.

Admissions Department

Admission to the higher educational institutions of Ukraine requires international students to go through a preparatory course for Russian/Ukrainian language skills.

At the Salvador Dali Institute students learn Russian/Ukrainian in-depth. With the assistance of qualified teachers, they acquire general speaking skills, and learn to read and write fluently in Russian/Ukrainian by the end of course. In addition, students study special terminology and get basic knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Technology, Literature, and Geography. After a final exam the learners are granted an international certificate to prove their knowledge of subjects.

In order to reinforce language skills a cultural program is organized on a weekly basis – students are have the opportunity to visit arts centers and exhibitions, museums, other social-cultural events, and participate in field trips.

In addition to the above, our students take part in international cultural and academic programs, mutually organized by European colleges and universities and our institution.

Students are accommodated in a hostel with modern conveniences. Residence fees are extra and are paid by the students.

An International student or a group of students are admitted to the Department after they have provided the following documents:

Personal Invitation letter
Birth Certificate original
Secondary School Certificate original
a valid passport
the latest Health Certificate
12 photos 3,5 х 4,5

Original documents should have notarized copy in Ukrainian or Russian.

After administrative consideration you will receive an Invitation Letter which will enable you to  submit a visa application to the Ukrainian Embassy located in your country.

Tuition Fees

Degrees/Faculties Degrees/Faculties Course Duration Tuition Fees (USD*)
Preparatory Course 10 Month 150 Students 1500
Bachelor’s in:
– Environment design;
– Design of clothes and accessories;
– Design of advertising and computer graphis;
– Fashion style and hairstyling.
4 Years 90 Students 2500
Master’s of theoretical studies:
– Environment design;
– Design of clothes and accessories;
– Design of advertising and computer graphis;
– Fashion style and hairstyling.
2 Years 10 Students 2900
Bachelor’s in:
– Art Studies
4 Years 150 Students 2500

* Fees include costs for obtaining a Temporary residence Certificate, residential registration, Medical insurance.

Why Choose Us

The Art Institute for Decorative Modeling and Design named after Salvador Dali (IV accreditation level) is a modern higher educational institution. (IV accreditation level  institutions of higher aducation are alligible to train students for the Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s qualification degrees). The Institute is accredited  by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. License HI-IV №1184127.

Therefore the content of vocational training has been updated, advanced pedagogical technologies and innovative approaches to design specialists and arts studies training have been introduced.

Becoming a future specialist is impossible without practical training, during which an individual design style is formed. In the educational process of the Arts Institute, modern technologies of professional training are adapted to ensure high productivity and promote the development of creativity of future designers. An example is systematic internship of students in studios of well-known designers of Ukraine and other countries, industrial practice at existing enterprises, participation in festivals, competitions, exhibitions and fashion shows not only as contestants, but also in the accompaniment group.

A distinctive feature of the educational institution is the training of mobile and competitive design professionals who seek creative self-development, professional growth and successful realization of their careers. Active cooperation with employers allows students to gain practical experience during their studies and feel safe and confident in the labor market after having obtained a diploma. The teaching system is structured in such a way that students can combine their study and work. Motto of the Art Institute named after Salvador Dali «Learn while working», and this applies not only to correspondence course, but also full-time students. The offered forms of study allow students to keep close contact with employers, promote future employment, form the individual style of the future designer, develop creativity in the field of domestic design, which can lead to creating of the author’s design school.

For the years of being the educational institution introduced more than 1500 students who have become pride and hope of modern design, among them there are well-known designers in Ukraine and abroad — the winners of national and international contests of designers.

Contact US

5 Berezhanska street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04074

How to get here

  •      «Obolon» — bus № 102, shuttle № 180 («Berezhanska» stop)
  •      «Minska» — trolleybus № 24, shuttle № 464 («Berezhanska» stop)
  •      «Sviatoshyn», «Nivki» — shuttle № 31 («Berezhanska» stop)